Thursday, November 9, 2017

Candy Fair 2017 Birthday Giveaway Drawing #3 Now Open through November 10th!

Our Candy Fair 2017 Five Year Birthday Giveaway continues! Drawing #3 for the giveaway is a chance to win one gift card anywhere from $250L to $1,000L to shop at the stores of those sponsoring this drawing! In total the worth of everything being given away its $7,000L. This drawing round will have 15 winners! Many of the stores have donated more than one gift card. You have through November 10th to enter! Don't forget if you previously won in the contest you are no longer able to enter. If you previously entered earlier since November 1st you are still entered and can enter ONCE daily through December 1st! 

Thank you to the following sponsors for donating gift cards!

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Good Luck everyone!