Thursday, July 2, 2015

Candy Fair 2015 Early Access Shopping!

Groups To Join for VIP Sponsor Day
VIP Sponsor Groups will have July 2nd - 3PM - 10PM SLT To Shop Early! If you'd like to come back later at midnight you'll have to join our free fair update group!

Join any of the groups below if you aren't already in them for early accesss!
◉ Atooly - secondlife:///app/group/c65fd25f-2a28-9b0b-573e-87e7cffe3807/about
◉ Bella Elephante - secondlife:///app/group/8670180a-4142-c247-a240-24e49d9cbaef/about
◉ Doe - secondlife:///app/group/bb89e36e-e4b4-16cd-412a-1682e0b2311a/about
◉ //elephante poses// - secondlife:///app/group/8dbc789e-9d57-9da3-d64b-2dd993ac510b/about
◉ Exposeur - secondlife:///app/group/fe3ba212-c3ac-4f64-c4e8-694c1b6b7145/about
◉ [Fetch] - secondlife:///app/group/ae8928b6-b8f8-717a-6807-3c2056751332/about
◉ Half-Deer - secondlife:///app/group/ca766f98-570a-0037-d7ae-5cfec5caf900/about
◉ Noodles - secondlife:///app/group/e270b2ae-4ae8-5420-1d45-f526a702b579/about
◉ .Olive. - secondlife:///app/group/63112501-322c-d1c6-5b7c-4994519e5965/about
◉ Wimey- secondlife:///app/group/56ad7ebf-f374-78db-327e-1035172a8973/about

Group To Join for Candy Fair Update Day
Candy Fair Update Group will have July 3rd 12AM - 10AM to Shop Early! We'll be closing down the sim at 10AM to prepare for opening to the public at 12PM July 3rd!
◉ Candy Fair Update Group - secondlife:///app/group/32bb5779-bea4-9e9f-0bb4-247c1a8292b5/about