Candy Fair 2014 Designer Acceptances Going Out Soon!

Candy Fair 2014 Designer Acceptances will be going out starting July 5th! Please keep in mind it will take us possibly a few days to get them all out. We'll be accepted just under 100 designers this year for the fair. 

Please understand we put months and months of planning into Candy Fair each year, this year we started back in March 2014 and have been working on everything extensively since then and continue to. With that being said we got over 200 designer applications this year. Many stores which participated last year and many that didn't. We looked for first and for most quality and in some cases 100% original content mesh included. About 90% of the stores we'll be accepting this year are just that. 

If you are not accepted please do not contact us in regards to if you got accepted or not when packs go out. We will make sure everyone who is accepted receives everything they need in a timely fashion. Our full list of official designers will be trickling in on our designer page July 5th through August 2nd. So keep looking back there to see who will be participating in the fair this year! Remember there is always next year to apply! :)

We hope to bring you an even better Candy Fair than last year on a smaller scale but none the less the fun and wonderful creations of all the candys and treats you could imagine!

See you soon Candy lovers!

Candy Fair 2014 
October 3rd - October 17th, 2014

-MelissaJeanne Flores & Danicasaerwen


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